Precious & Lily Adventures


(Precious – the WISE beyond her years Dachshund)

Lilly and Precious our family dogs“Mom, Dad and Grandmother (from now on known as “Nana”) always knew I could “talk” Sooooooooo! That’s great! But you see it took me tooooooo long to talk Nana into giving me space on the Internet.

So many “thoughts” and “adventures”…How should I begin!  With how I came to be a part of the Kinnaman family. You see I had been born into a family who shall remain forevermore nameless. Simply because I did not fit into their mold!  I am true to my breed…short, on the longish side and with a appetite for food and adventure. And, being kept confined in a small room in a home, well, just did NOT work. So, you see Mom, Dad and Nana rescued me just in the nick of time!

Nana took me home and made a warm bed for me in her downstairs bathroom. When Nana went upstairs at bedtime, I was gently placed in my pre-arranged spot for the night. I was polite enough to give it the “old college try”. I closed my eyes tight and cleared my mind of all the new scents I had taken in that day.  Really, I did!  Well, after a huge effort of a full fifteen minutes, I swallowed my pride, opened my eyes and let out a typical “save me I’m dying” cry. You see, at age 2 I had perfected the skill of howling as though the toilet had fallen over on my sweet little paws and I was treading water in an attempt to save my life.

You may ask me if I felt sorry for Nana when she opened the door to the bathroom with a look of horror and fear in her eyes. Honestly? No!  It worked like a charm!  She saw the “manufactured” tears rolling down my long nose, my ears, such as they are, drooping and my slender and otherwise perfect little tail tucked between my legs. Nana quickly scooped me up, blanket and all, and proceeded up a long flight of steps leading to her master bedroom. Of course, I gave a very realistic sign of relief along with the light little kisses to her arm that sealed the deal!  I was henceforth placed on the very bed I should have occupied from the beginning. Stretching out across the bed, I graciously left Nana at least one third to call her own. After all, a girl must get a good night sleep if she is to take over the running of a 16,000 square foot furniture store bright and early on the first day of her new career."

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